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vMobile Collaborator Pro

4.0 ( 9520 ratings )
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Desenvolvedor: Visual Mobile Technologies, Inc.

vMobile Collaborator Pro dramatically improves communication between your field workers, customers, colleagues and other support channels by providing effective situational awareness. Users access the solution through a desktop browser or application on a mobile device that enables quick and easy collaboration with one another. Users can share an experience through live or saved video, images, audio or essentially any other file. All of this content is organized, tagged and stored to the cloud for easy historical retrieval in the future to support training, claims or any other documentation need. Ultimately, vMobile improves communication and situational awareness to a level never experienced before.

vMobile has an almost infinite set of use-cases within many industries including Property Management, Inspections, Public Safety, Insurance, Product Maintenance and many others. The solution is built on a highly secure and scalable Software-as-a-Service platform, completely hosted in the cloud and accessible to users on both their desktop browser and downloadable mobile application. This broad set of easily accessed tools enables either real-time or offline access to information and content in the office and in the field.

NOTE: vMobile Collaborator Pro requires a license to the vMobile Collaborator system. For more info, please contact us through our website.